Philips Respironics SimplyGo Mini – Review and Prices

Review of Philips Respironics SimplyGo Mini Portable oxygen concentrator (POC): ✅ Prices ✅ Reviews ✅ Specs: delivery method, weight, battery.

Philips Respironics has eight oxygen systems – home, portable, and stationary. The product lineup includes EverFlo, EverFlo Q, UltraFill, Millennium M10, SimplyGo, SimplyGo Mini, GoLox, and SimplyFlo.

These products are at the top of the price range – the SimplyGo Mini costs around €2.895. Because of the high price point, I’ve not included this machine in the list of best portable oxygen concentrators.

Philips Respironics SimplyGo Mini

Philips Respironics Simplygo Mini – Product

The SimplyGo Mini is Philips Respironics’s smallest portable oxygen concentrator.

Oxygen Flow

Ultra compact oxygen machines can’t deliver continuous air flow. They use pulses of air with concentrated oxygen. This is due to size, weight, and power limitations.

SimplyGo Mini has 5 air pulse flow settings. Settings vary in pulse volume, and pulse rate is the same – 20 pulses per minute (BPM).

These are the machines settings:

  • 11ml pulse – 220ml/min
  • 22ml pulse – 440ml/min
  • 33ml pulse – 660ml/min
  • 44ml pulse – 880ml/min
  • 50ml pulse – 1,000ml/min

Oxygen Purity

Home use machines’ oxygen purity changes with the air flow. SimplyGo Mini has oxygen concentration of at least 87% with all flow setting. It can reach a maximum purity of 96% depending on different environmental variables.

Noise Level

Working noise level ranges between 43db and 46db. This range is aligned with other machines in the category – home or compact. It is an unnoticeable background hum.

Screen and Features

Philips Respironics Simplygo Mini – Screen

At the top of the machine, there’s a small touch LCD screen. Touch functionality allows for a cleaner look of the machine and a modern and intuitive user interface. The power indicator and settings section would be familiar to anyone who owns a smartphone.

Size and weight

The basic SimplyGo Mini comes with a standard battery, and there’s the option of buying an extended battery that is bigger in size and weight.

Size with the standard battery is 9.4 in/23.9 cm height, 8.3 in/21.1 cm width, and 3.6 in/9.1 cm length, and with the extended battery is 10.2 in/25.9 cm height, , 8.3 in/21.1 cm width, and 3.6 in/9.1 cm length.

Weight with the standard battery is 5 lb/2.3 kg, and with the extended battery is 6 lb/2.7 kg.

Working Time

There are two Lithium Ion battery options – standard and extended. The extended battery is double the capacity of the standard one.

The standard battery duration – in pulse setting 2 – is up to 4.5 hours. The extended battery’s duration is up to 9 hours.

Charging time of the standard battery is 4 hours from empty to full, and the extended is 8 hours.


As expected from a top tier costly oxygen machine, Philips Respironics gives 3 year warranty. Not all Philips Respironics products have the same warranty. In this aspect, SimplyGo Mini is exceptional.

SimplyGo Mini Accessories

If you purchase a SimplyGo Moni, there’s a variety of products and accessories to go with it:

  • Replacement standard battery
  • Extended battery
  • Replacement battery charger and power cord
  • Black or brown carry bag with strap
  • Extended warranty –
    • 3-year system and 1-year sieve warranty
    • 2-year sieve warranty extension
    • 3-year system, 3-year sieve warranty


This ultra portable oxygen concentrator machine is relevant for anyone weight and run time sensitive. There are few alternatives that offer this performance in a small and light weight package that can potentially work for 9 hours in between battery charges.

You can find good alternatives among the top rated portable oxygen machines.

You can find more detailed information and documentation on Philips Respironics’ product page.


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