Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator

continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator

Do you require oxygen therapy for yourself or a loved one but don’t want to be housed in a stationary unit? A portable oxygen concentrator with continuous flow may answer your search. The characteristics and advantages of continuous-flow portable oxygen concentrators will be discussed in this article, giving you important information to help you decide what kind of oxygen therapy you require.

Understanding Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrators

continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator
continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator

Constant flow Users will always have access to oxygen thanks to the steady stream of oxygen that portable oxygen concentrators are made to provide. This implies you don’t have to worry about changing oxygen levels during regular activities. These devices provide increased mobility and flexibility for those needing oxygen therapy, whether at home, on the go, or participating in outdoor activities.

What are the CFPOCs?

Medical devices known as continuous-flow portable oxygen concentrators (CFPOCs) give people with respiratory disorders who need extra oxygen a consistent supply of medical-grade oxygen. CFPOCs provide a continuous flow regardless of breathing patterns.

Unlike pulse dose concentrators that only provide oxygen during inhalation. This makes them perfect for those who need to keep their oxygen levels constant, such as those with pulmonary fibrosis, COPD, and sleep apnea.

How do CFPOCs work?

CFPOCs function by filtering the ambient air and separating oxygen molecules from nitrogen. The user is subsequently given the concentrated oxygen via a mask or nasal cannula. Because CFPOCs are powered by electricity or batteries, they are portable and practical for daily usage.

Benefits of CFPOCs

Freedom and mobility

Unlike stationary oxygen concentrators, CFPOCs allow you to maintain an active lifestyle and travel without being tethered to a power source.

Continuous oxygen flow

They provide a consistent flow of oxygen, even during sleep or periods of shallow breathing, ensuring optimal oxygen levels throughout the day.

Quiet operation

Modern CFPOCs are whisper-quiet, enabling you to enjoy activities and social interactions without disruption.

Lightweight and portable

Many CFPOCs weigh less than 10 pounds and come with carrying bags or backpacks, making them easy to carry around.


Most CFPOCs are FAA-approved for air travel, allowing you to explore the world without limitations.

Popular CFPOC models

Inogen One G5

Lightweight and quiet with six flow settings and long battery life.

Philips Respironics SimplyGo

Compact and versatile with five flow settings and dual-mode operation.

CAIRE SeQual Eclipse 5

User-friendly with five flow settings and a built-in pulse oximeter.

Oxlife Independence

An affordable option with four flow settings and a comfortable carrying bag

Key Features and Advantages


  • Compact and lightweight design for easy transportation.
  • Battery-powered options for extended use without access to power sources.

Continuous Oxygen Supply

  • A consistent flow of oxygen provides stability throughout various activities.
  • It is ideal for individuals with higher oxygen requirements or those who prefer continuous flow therapy.

User-Friendly Operation

  • Intuitive controls for easy setup and adjustment.
  • Low maintenance requirements, ensuring hassle-free use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I take a continuous-flow portable oxygen concentrator on an airplane?

A: Yes, most continuous flow POCs are FAA-approved for air travel.

Q: How long does the battery of a portable oxygen concentrator last?

A: Battery life varies, but many devices offer several hours of use on a single charge.

Q: Are continuous-flow portable oxygen concentrators noisy?

A: Modern POCs are designed to operate quietly, ensuring minimal disturbance.

Q: Can I use a continuous flow POC while sleeping?

A: Many devices are suitable for continuous use, including during sleep.

Q: Are there maintenance requirements for portable oxygen concentrators?

A: Regular cleaning and filter replacement are typically recommended to maintain optimal performance.

Q: Can I switch between continuous and pulse flow on a POC?

A: Some devices offer both continuous and pulse flow settings for flexibility.

Q: How do I choose the right flow setting for my needs?

A: Consult your healthcare provider to determine the appropriate flow setting based on your condition.

Q: Are there specific brands known for reliable continuous flow POCs?

A: Respironics, Inogen, and AirSep are reputable brands known for quality portable oxygen concentrators.

Q: Do continuous flow POCs require a prescription?

A: A prescription is typically required for a continuous-flow portable oxygen concentrator.

Q: Are there financing options available for purchasing a portable oxygen concentrator?

A: Many manufacturers offer financing plans, and insurance coverage may also be available.

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