BOSWELL 95% Concentration O2 Bar for Home Outdoor – Review and Prices

6l Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Review of 1-7L BOSWELL Oxygen Concentrator Machine, Up to 95% Concentration O2 Bar for Home Outdoor: ✅ Price comparison ✅ Customer reviews ✅ Product information: delivery method, weight, battery.

While there are positive reviews around the web, I’m still looking for the manufacturer of BOSWELL. This brand is offered by few retailers, but they are the big ones, and there’s little information about the brand.

BOSWELL Oxygen Concentrator models

I’ve done some research on the brand and found three models – bos610, bos620, and bos630. There seems to be a similarity between these models and others from DEDAKJ and YuWell, but not between themselves. BOSWELL is making three models that share little features and performance stats.

One of the shared features of all BOSWELL oxygen concentrator is the below 45 dB noise level. But this is aligned with other machines in the market.

bos610 Oxygen Concentrator

BOSWELL bos610 Oxygen Concentrator

This model reaches air purity of up to 90%, just as many other oxygen concentrators.

Id does stand out in its airflow. Most home use machines have an output of up to 6 l/min, but this one in BOSWELL’s product lineup reaches 7 l/min of continuous stable flow. It is also adjustable according to 1 LPM at 90%, 2 LPM at 65%, 3 LPM at 55%, 5 LPM at 40%, and 7 LPM at 30%.

There’s a clear LED screen with touch functionality at the top of the machine. It makes any setting up to be simpler and approachable. There’s a voice feature that broadcasts each operation. Could be a key consideration factor for anyone who suffers from nearsightedness.

Each package comes with a remote control that is similar to the one that comes with other machines. The is a plus, since it is simple and durable.

At a weight of 13.9 lbs (~6.3 kg) It is not the lightest in the category, but still considered easy to move around. The robust handle at the top is comfortable and retracts so the overall case isn’t bulky.

bos620 Oxygen Concentrator

BOSWELL bos620 Oxygen Concentrator

In comparison to bos610, the bos 620 is slightly different in many of the factors, so read carefully before you pick of the two.

It reaches oxygen purity of up to 93%. which isn’t common among home use O2 concentrators, but at a lower air flow of 6 l/min. It has an adjustable flowrate of 1 LPM at 93%, 2 LPM at 75%, 3 LPM at 60%, 4 LPM at 50%, 5 LPM at 40%, and 6 LPM at 35%.

There’s a LED screen with touch functionality at the side/front of the machine, but it is not in the same quality and readability of the screen in the bos610. The voice feature function is identical.

There’s an identical remote control with each machine sold.

There’s a slight bump in weight, but at 14.3 lbs (~6.5 kg) there’s no impact on how movable the machine is. The biggest impact on carrying comfort is the lack of proper handle or grip. You’re going to have to lift it from the bottom. Not ideal for those who use it often and need to move it around the house.

bos630 Oxygen Concentrator

BOSWELL bos630 Oxygen Concentrator

BOSWELL’s bos630 is closer to a medical grate machine in it’s performance than the bos620 or the bos610.

It has an oxygen purity range of up to 96%, considerably higher than any other machine we review regularly. The adjustable continuous flowrate ranges between 3 l/min to 5 l/min in increments of 0.1 l/min. This is relevant for anyone looking for accuracy.

There’s a small led screen, with all the necessary information, at the front of the machine. While it is a much smaller screen, it is still clear to read. In addition to the screen, there’s an on/off physical switch and electronic control.

A feature I’m not seeing often is alarms, and this one has a few options – overheating alarm, low pressure alarm, power cut off alarm, low oxygen concentration alarm, O2 tube blockage alarm. This is one of a few devices for anyone at risk. These are lifesaving alarms.

There’s no remote for this device.

Performance and accuracy comes at a weight cost, and at 26.5 lbs (~12 kg) this is not an easy to carry device. there are high quality wheels to roll it around the house, but lifting it takes an effort. There’s a big handle at the top for comfort, but it is still not easy to carry outside or in stairs.

Unfortunately, this machine is hard to find online.

To get a better understanding of the top models currently available, have a look at the main page for top reviews and need to know articles.


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