Machine Oxygen Concentrator: Unveiling the OSITO Best Portable Concentrator

OSITO Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Review of OSITO 1-5L/min Portable Machine LED Display Remote Control No Noise for Home Office Travel Elderly Use: ✅ Price comparison ✅ Customer reviews ✅ Product information: delivery method, weight, battery.

OSITO 1-5l/min Portable Machine LED

OSITO 1-5L/min Portable Machine

OSTO Is making one model of oxygen maker, and it’s ranking high wherever it is selling – country or online retailer.

It is on par with the top-rated portable oxygen concentrators – DEDAKJ for example – and differentiates with a complete bundle at a competitive price point. In short, the package comes with accessories and replacement parts.

This oxygen machine is a non-medical device that is multipurpose. It is suitable for both indoors and Outdoors – Indoor can be home or office, and outdoors can be car or travel. It helps with a variety of also for elderly play Michael Mann children I want ages. 

Oxygen Flow

OSITO’s oxygen flow is on the lower end of the category. Home use machines’ flow – measured in liters per minute (LPM) – range from 1l/min to up to 7l/min. OSITO reach 5l/min.

Oxygen Purity

The oxygen purity of OSITO’s machine is adjustable between 30% to 90%. The purity level depends on the machine’s airflow:

  • 1l/min at 90% ±2% oxygen purity
  • 2l/min at 75% ±2% oxygen purity
  • 3l/min at 55% ±3% oxygen purity
  • 4l/min at 45% ±3% oxygen purity
  • 5l/min at 40% ±3% oxygen purity

The leading portable oxygen concentrators outperform OSITO in purity at some of the airflow levels. The difference is minor, but existing.

Noise Level

This is where most machines align. The category’s working noise baseline is 45dB. According to the CDC, this decibel level is similar to the hum of a refrigerator. It is a safe noise level and doesn’t cause any hearing damage or inconvenience.

Screen and Features

OSITO 1-5l/min Portable Machine – Screen

At the front of the machines there’s a large LCD screen and a series of control buttons for easy access to the main features.

The screen shows timing, child lock on/off indicator, total hours, flow rate, oxygen purity, smart alarm indicator, clean filter alert, and anion indicator.

The buttons below the screen has on/off, O2 flow set, anion on/off, time plus, time minus, smart alarm on/off, and child lock on/off.

Size and weight

The machines dimensions are 12.5in/31.5cm in width, 8.4in/21.3cm in length and 12.2in/30.9cm in height. Its weight is 14.3lb/6.5kg.

Considering there’s a handle, this machine is portable and easy to carry around.

Working Time

OSITO can work 24/7 and was tested to work 3,000 hours continuously. While this is not useful, it is a testament to quality and durability.

There’s a timing option that allows setting timer for tuning on and off.


Osto gives a warranty of 1 year on their Osito. A 1 year warranty is the standard. Few brands give no warranty and few brands give 2 or 3 years warranty.

OSITO Accessories

OSITO 1-5l/min Portable Machine - Package
OSITO 1-5l/min Portable Machine – Package

The box comes with a few accessories and replacement parts. It includes everything you need to get it working quickly and maintain it properly for a while.

The list includes:

  • Handbook
  • Remote control
  • Replacement air filters
  • Replacement fuse
  • Nasal and headset cannula


This is an excellent oxygen machine. It is highly recommended by users, has a decent spec, includes a variety of useful accessories, and is a convenient price.

This is one of the best portable oxygen concentrators available.

OSITO’s Manufacturer

Shenzhen OSTO Technology – Factory

OSITO’s motto is KEEP HEALTHY, CHERISH LIFE. Looking at their range of products, it does seem as if they put an emphasis on health-related products, along with beauty. They offer tense machines, neck massager,  electronic foot machine, muscle stimulators, and a portable oxygen concentrator.

Shenzhen OSTO Technology is the company behind all OSITO branded products. It is a Chinese company that is based, as the name suggests, in Shenzhen. It was established in 2008. 


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  1. Charles Cech

    Do you carry filters and nasal cannula for this brand of oxygen concentrator?

    1. Lisa Martin

      No, I don’t carry replacement parts, but let me know which parts you’re after and I’ll try to help. Note, cannula is generic for most POC machines.

      1. David Pye

        Hi Lisa — I need info on ordering filters, too, please. Thanks.

      2. Gwen Dawson

        Hi Lisa, I am interested in purchasing additional cannulus and filters if you could help me with that. Is it airplane approved?

  2. Charles Cech

    Sorry I did not tell you the brand. osito

  3. Brian

    Were do I get replacement filters

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